BOOK 3 Unit 4 Subject Clause 教案

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BOOK 3 Unit 4  Subject Clause  教案

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Teaching aims

  To learn about noun clauses as the s ubject[来源:**Z*X*X*K]

To discover and learn to use some useful structures

Important and difficult points

1.       Lead students to know the structure of subject clause

2.       Help students manage the use of subject clause by multiple choices and translation


Step 1 Lead in

Point out the subject of each sentence.

1.Who will go makes no difference.

2.Which is the best is not certain.

3.Why dinosaurs died out is still unknown.

4.When we will get together has not been decided.

5.How she can keep healthy is a secret.

6.Whether he will come is not very important.

7. That he will succeed  is  certain.

8. What we need  is more time

Step 2 Introduction

如果一个句子在复合句中充当一个主语, 那么这个句子就是主语从句。

T hat he finished writ ing the composition in such a short time surprised us all.
Wh at we need are go od doctors.

Whom we must study for is a question

of great importance.


1)  that, whether

2)  who, what, which, when, where, why, how

3)  whoever, whatever, whichever

小结 1.引导主语从句连词有that, whether, who, what, whatever 等。

2. 连词that, whether在从句中不担任任何成分,但不能省略。

3. 主语从句大多数情况下视为第三人称单数, 在关系代词what 引导的主语从句后谓语动词的数可根据句意而定。

What we need are useful books.

Step 3 it形式主语

为了防止句子头重脚轻,通常把形式主语it 放在主语位置,真正主语后置。

1. It is certain that he will win the match.[来源:++Z+X+X+K]

2. It is true that he has made a very important discovery in chemistry.

3. It is still a mystery what caused the accident.


it 作形式主语的结构

(1) It is 名词 从句

          It is a fact that …               事实是

          It is an honor that               非常荣幸

          It is common knowledge that      是常识

(2) It is 形容词 从句

          It is natural that…               很自然[来源:Zxxk.Com]

          It is strange that…               奇怪的是

(3) It is 不及物动词 从句

          It seems that…                  似乎

          It happened that…               碰巧

          It appears that…                 似乎

(4) It 过去分词 从句

          It is reported that…              据报道

          It has been proved that…           证实

          It is said that…                  据说

小结1.that 引出的主语从句,常以形式主语it引导, 结构为: It is +形容词/名词/某些动词ed + that 从句。

2. 在有些that从句中要用虚拟语气  

    (should +do/should +have done)

It is necessary that we (shouldhave a walk now.

It is my proposal that he be sent to study further abroad


3. 主语从句不可位于句首的几种情况:

1It is said /reported…结构中的主语从句不可提前。例如:

       It is said that President Jiang will vi sit our school next week.

       That President Jiang will visit our school next week is said. 

2It happens/occurs…结构中的主语从句不可提前。例如:

       It occurre d to him that he failed in the examination.

       That he failed in the examination occurred to him.

3It doesn’t matter how/whether …结构中的主语从句不可提前。例如:

       It doesn’t matter whether he is wrong or not.

       Whether he is wrong or not doesn’t matter.


       Is it likely that it will rain in the evening? [来源:学科网ZXXK]

       Is that will rain in the evening likely?

Step4. whetherif

whetherif均为是否, 下列情况下只用whether

  1. 引导主语从句
    Wheth er he will come is not clear.

  2. 引导表语从句

    The questio n is whether he’ll come.

3. whether 从句作介词宾语

    I’m not sure about whether we’ll win.

4. 引导让步状语从句时
 Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to do it.


1. 主语从句 位于句首时必须由连接词引导。

2. Whether 引导主语从句时不能用if代替。

3. Who, which, how, when, where, why所引导的主语从句,可以用it形式主语引导。

4. whoever, whatever, whichever等引导的主语从句,不能用it引导。

Step4.Exercise (correction & translation)

Do some exercises and translate some sentences into English

1.Where shall we spend the holiday isn’t decided.

2.Your have made a mistake is a fact.

3.That is certain that we can win.

4.No matter who leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights

5.It is important that a student learns a foreign language







7.雨天要穿雨鞋(rain shoes)是常识。

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